Music Makes the World Go Round


Music.  Certainly music does make the world go round.  It connects many people of different languages and beliefs.  A beat is the same in any language.

I have loved music since I was a child.  My earliest music memory is learning to play the piano at about 5 years old.  My next venture into the music world involved trying out an instrument in 5th grade.  I chose the flute and played it all the way through to my graduating year in high school.  Playing in band introduced other instruments that I learned to play a little, like the clarinet, the piccolo and the bass drum.  I carried the bass drum through a parade and through a football halftime show.  In my adult years I learned how to play hand bells, and did so very well.

Not only did I enjoy music by playing an instrument, but I also sang.  My younger sister and I spent many days performing for ourselves, our friends, on stage at various places and at church.


Dancing was another musical avenue that I followed.  I took ballet lessons, again at about age 5.  When I got older, I remember taking a class that was combo dancing, tap, ballet and jazz.  Who jazz dances anymore?

Music has always been in my life.  I’ve turned to music for entertainment, an attitude adjustment, to boost my motivation, to share a point or feeling with another person and I also turn to music to praise God.  The best thing to do musically, I believe.

I created this Musical To Gozy for that special little model that is in this post.  She loves ballet and music!  Isn’t she a doll?!  This is on my list of To Gozies to make for myself also.  Why don’t you add this to your collection?


Right now, until the end of March, if you order anything that totals $10 or more from Klucky Kitty Creations you can receive a free To Gozy!  All of my To Gozies are $5 each.


These make perfect gifts for anyone!

If you’d like to place an order, please go here, to my Facebook page, and send me a message.  I welcome custom orders, so don’t be afraid to ask!



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