Count Your Blessings


Turkey Button Buddy

It’s this time of year that most people take the most time to think upon the things that they are most thankful for.  I say most because I know there are many of us who are thankful for things in our life all year long.

A fun way for families to decorate and remember their gratitude, is to make the holiday season exciting with crafts and activities that the whole family can be involved in!

One way is to create a Family Thankful Tree.  There are several options to doing this.  My suggestion is to Pinterest or Bing ideas.

A way to get kids of all ages involved in some fun is to print out Tom the Turkey and disguise him so that the farmer can’t find him to butcher and eat on Thanksgiving.  We Binged “Tom the Turkey disguise” and saw tons of ideas.  This activity brings out the creativity of everyone in the family!  Mom and Dad may even want to do this one!

Thanksgiving is the one holiday every single year that I cook here.  If you want to see me on Thanksgiving, you better come here and see me.  Hubby cooks the turkey, I cook the ham and everything else.  We have the traditional American Thanksgiving meal pretty much.  We are all picky eaters, so we don’t have everything, just the things that we like.

One of my favorite traditions is decorating for the holiday.  Putting out specially made, hand crafted table decorations makes the season so special to me.  Whether I made it, or someone else did.  Handmade is always the best.

This week, I’m bringing out my turkey tabletop cover that I made to don the living room table.  I will also be adding my Turkey Button Buddy to my hats this week.  He’s so easy to attach!  All that I have to do is slip the button in between the stitches on my hats.  Anywhere that you can stick a button really.  He’d attach nicely to a scarf, purse or sweater with larger stitch holes.

Button Buddies are my original creation.  I can make them in many different shapes, animals, signs, letters and more.  Think ahead for Christmas, New Years and even Valentines day.

Price depends on the size of the Button Buddy, but they start at $3.  If you have any questions, or would like to order a custom made Button Buddy, message me on my Facebook page .

Show those that you are thankful for your gratefulness by adding a Button Buddy to your next gift.  Can be sold in packages or individually.



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