On my Hook – 12th Man Blanket….Again


12th Man Blanket

Once again, here I am, making a 12th Man Blanket.  This time, instead of doing the 28″ x 50″, I am working on 4′ x 7′.  Actually, I will be working on two, 4′ x 7′ and putting a big “12” in the middle.

I don’t have very much done on this one, and it is the first.  I need to put more time into it.  I have decided to set apart certain days to work on it.  If I continue until it’s done, without any other projects or orders in between, well, let’s just say, it wouldn’t be pretty.

With that said, would you believe that one of my other orders is for the 28″ x 50″ blankets?  So I have to set aside certain days and times for that blanket also.

I’ll spare you the photo, although I have accomplished more on this blanket.

So to help keep my sanity, I am also working on another order.

The next order that I will be working on is for a giveaway winner.  She won a set of my Button Buddies Holiday set.

Button Buddies Holiday Set

Button Buddies Holiday Set

These  are fun little items that I thought would be a neat accessory to have.  The backs of these have buttons on them.  All you need to do is button them onto anything knit, crochet or with a button hole!  There are so many options that you can do with these!  I love to wear them on my hats.  Adding initials or numbers can create so many ideas!!

I’ll do more on those later, don’t worry.

For now, I better be going.  I obviously have lots of work to keep me busy.  Thankfully!

Welcome Spring SHP


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