Klucky Kitty Special 5/13/2013 – Woman’s Slouch Hat

Slouch Hat

Slouch Hat

One of Klucky Kitty’s most popular items is the Slouch Hat.  I have to admit, it’s one I love!  I have three of them that I have made for myself!  These hats are very comfortable in warm and cold weather.

The versatility of these hats are one of the things I love and the possibilities are endless.

The off-white slouch that I am modelling above is probably the one that I wear the most because the color will go with anything.

I also have one that is red and black striped.  Since red is my favorite color I love to wear this one.

The third one that I have is made out f a thicker yarn with various colors in it.  I made that one with a bill on it, that is perfect for those bright Winter or Fall days.  The bill shapes how I like it so that I can keep the sun out of my eyes or the rain off of my glasses.

020 (12)

Slouch Hat with Brim

Slouch Hat with Hibiscus

Slouch Hat with Hibiscus

Order one of these Slouch Hats today and get it for $5 off!  Regular price is $25.   Order a flower for it and get it for free!  If it needs to be shipped, buyer will need to pay for shipping, which is $5.  If you click the photo above, with the brimmed Slouch Hat and it will take you directly to my Facebook page where you can place your order!  Must be willing to pay through PayPal and pay on 5/13/2013.

In closing, I would like to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day today!  Now it’s time to start thinking for gifts for Dad!



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