Klucky Kitty Special 5/7/2013 – Newsboy and Picnic Roll-Up Mats

Chunky Newsboy  This Newsboy is available to be shipped today!  It is made out of chunky yarn and will fit child – sm. adult.  A stylish yellow button is added to add flair to the gray!

I have learned from many people lately, that yellow is great with gray!

What I love about these hats is they are so comfy and stylish!  They chunky yarn adds a nice touch to that hat, and the brim is great for keeping the sun out of your eyes on those bright days!

This Newsboy is available to be shipped out today!  If you’d like to order this hat today, I will even give you a special price of $10 plus shipping.  Regular price for Newsboys is $15!  Click on the picture to place your order on my Facebook page!


Picnic Roll-Up Mat

Picnic Roll-Up Mat

Summer is almost here!  I am always happy for that!

Our Spring here in the Pacific Northwest has been beautiful!  Yesterday, my gorgeous state of Washington broke records and was reported to be the hottest state in the country at 87 degrees!

So to celebrate that, and will that sunny weather here, Klucky Kitty will have the Picnic Roll-Up Mats on sale today!

Save space in your picnic basket by rolling your placemat, napkin and silverware all in one roll and tie it closed!

These would be perfect for children’s events, tailgate parties, camping or even at your dinner table!

Made out of 100% cotton and easily washed.

Order one today for $10 plus shipping and get another for $5!  If you order 3 mats, I’ll give you a set of 4 for $35!  Each additional mat after that will only be $5!  Click on the photo to head over to Klucky Kitty Creations Facebook page to place your order!




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  1. can you crochet me a picnic roll up so i can take it on picnics with me i want four of them two pink ones and two blue ones 🙂

    Sincerly Amanda

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