Superbowl Sunday!

Football is a great sport to watch and gather with friends to enjoy.  Superbowl Sunday is one of the best times of year for me to hang out with friends and watch the incredible commercials and crochet to the game.  I also like to get together to eat the nummy snack food!

Matching Football Fever Beanies for Orting Cardinal highschool football game

Matching Football Fever Beanies for Orting Cardinal highschool football game

One of my best selling items is my Football Fever Beanie.  I love the freedom of choosing my own team colors to support my favorite teams!  Personally, I have made myself two Football Fever Beanies.  One for my favorite college teams, University of Washington Huskies and the other for our local high school team, Orting Cardinals.

This past year Hubby and I took our kids to a local football game.  Before we went, I made us all personalized Cardinal Football Fever Beanies to match and wear to the game.  People got a kick out our matching hats at the game too!

I make most of my Football Fever Beanies with Red Heart yarn.  However, I wanted a nice thick hat to wear and made my Husky beanie out of thicker yarn.  I love this hat is the one I mostly use to go outside and take care of the chickens and ducks.

To celebrate the game this weekend, I have decided to put the Football Fever Beanie on sale.  If you order a Football Fever Beanie this week, you can get it for only $10!!  They are regularly $15, without earflaps and braids.  If you want earflaps and braids added, you will still need to add $5 to your order, but then it will only be $15 instead of $20!

My Husky Football Fever Beanie

My Husky Football Fever Beanie

YOU get to choose exactly how you want your hat!  I just do my best to make them for you!  If you’d like to order, you can visit my Facebook page here.

And remember, if you refer someone and they pay for an order, your next order will be discounted!  So be sure to share this with your friends that you know like football!  Don’t forget, you can customize your hat the way that you like.

It looks like I can wear my Husky Football Fever Beanie this weekend.  I’ll be rooting for the Ravens for the Superbowl.  I hope you enjoy the game!






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