To Go-zy ~ BOGO!!!

To Go-zy ~ BOGO!!!

Do you get tired of asking for the coffee covers to be put on your hot latte? Well don’t ask ever again! Now you can have your very own cozy designed the way that you like!
Klucky Kitty Creations can crochet a To Go-zy in your favorite colors and theme! These are very affordable and easy to take care of.
Made out of 100% cotton, the cozies are washable. Hand wash or wash in cold in the delicate/gentle cycle of your machine. Reshape and lay flat to dry. Heat will make these shrink, so be careful!
Prices for these are so affordable! You can order one for only $5! Right now, if you mention that you saw this blog post, you can order one cozy and get another for free! That will only last today, January 28, 2013!
And don’t forget! If you refer someone and they have a paid order, your next order will come to you at a discounted price! Make sure that both parties let me know who referred who so that you can get your credit!
If you’d like to order a To Go-zy, click on the picture and message me at my Facebook page, Klucky Kitty Creations!


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  1. I actually would like to bookmark this post, “To Go-zy ~ BOGO!
    !! | Klucky Kitty Creations” on my web page.
    Will you mind if perhaps I reallydo it? Thanks -Rodrigo

  2. hi mommy some time could you make me a to gozy with a chick on it and it would fit my hot choclate that i get from starbucks the chick would match my blog 🙂


  3. p.s love the chalk board theme 😉


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