Toilet Paper Rolls

Ok, I can tell by the way that you are looking at the title of this post, that you are wondering what toilet paper rolls have to do with crocheting.  It’s quite simple really.

Since I am always the one who changes the toilet paper roll when it’s empty, I am the one that finds myself wondering what to do with these.  Surely I don’t have to waste them and toss ’em!

My creative homeschooling/teaching mind has kept them in a drawer for years, to use for art projects.  You always have that one craft that you want to do for Thanksgiving or Christmas that calls for toilet paper rolls.  So I always keep a few on hand.

Recently, I came across a photo that showed a free-standing toilet paper roll holder with something new on it.  It was not an empty toilet paper roll, it had be re-used in a very creative fashion!  Some smart woman, I know it was a woman ;-), came up with the bright idea of taking yarn and winding it around the toilet paper roll!

I decided to give it a shot.  I don’t have the free-standing toilet paper roll holder, yet.  But, I do have lots of toilet paper rolls.  I took one, I grabbed some yarn that was almost gone but to the point of knotting when I tried to crochet with it.  I wound it around and around that toilet paper roll.  Since I am not attaching it to a holder, I could wrap it around and around in any way that I wanted to.  What I ended up with nicely wrapped ball of yarn.  Easy-peasy!!

Now when I do get myself a free-standing toilet paper roll holder, I will just wind the yarn around the roll so that it can be held by the holder, then used with ease!!

You should now be looking at that picture above in a different way!


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