Hats Off…er On to April!

One of my favorite things to crochet for my customers is hats.  Hats are also one of my favorite accessories to my outfits.  Rarely a day goes by when I do not have my head covered in some fashion.


Photo property of Klucky Kitty Creations

This month, we’re putting our hats on, so to speak, to April.  I mean, honestly, who doesn’t love Spring?  Is there one person out there that does not like this season?

Now I know, some of you are probably thinking, it’s April woman!  We don’t need hats!  But if you live here, you might!  April still brings rain in Washington, pretty much like every other month of the year.  It also is still a little chilly this early in Spring.

Today, the family and I spent the day in Olympia, and it was cold enough that we wanted our heads covered with our hats.  It also helped keep us dry from the rain!

Hats are some of the greatest accessories to have because there are so many styles to choose from!  Beanies, Newsboys, brims, buttons, earflaps, braids, tassels, poms, Buckets, slouch and so much more.  I also like to have a few of each in different colors.


Photo property of Klucky Kitty Creations

I just recently had to remove all of my  hats, headbands and head coverings out of the hat box that I had them in and into a cardboard box that is big enough for them all.  The more hats I make, the more that I want!  So I figure I’ll just get a bigger box for them.

Whatever your style, hats can be used in any season.  Summer times can bring stylish brimmed beanies in 100% cotton that you may find comfortable in the cooler evenings.  During the heat of the day, you may want to wear a more open stitched slouchy.

For the month of April, for every hat that you buy, you’ll get another for half off (the lowest priced hat will be the one that you get the discount on).  Basic hat prices are below. If you don’t see what you’d like on that list, please contact me and we can discuss it.  I welcome custom orders!


Photo property of Klucky Kitty Creations

  • Basic Beanies $15
  • Beanie with face or character $20
  • Add earflaps $2.50
  • Add braids $5
  • Brimmed Beanie w/band $15
  • Slouchy Beanie $25
  • Add any small flower for $3
  • Add any large flower for $5











Music Makes the World Go Round


Music.  Certainly music does make the world go round.  It connects many people of different languages and beliefs.  A beat is the same in any language.

I have loved music since I was a child.  My earliest music memory is learning to play the piano at about 5 years old.  My next venture into the music world involved trying out an instrument in 5th grade.  I chose the flute and played it all the way through to my graduating year in high school.  Playing in band introduced other instruments that I learned to play a little, like the clarinet, the piccolo and the bass drum.  I carried the bass drum through a parade and through a football halftime show.  In my adult years I learned how to play hand bells, and did so very well.

Not only did I enjoy music by playing an instrument, but I also sang.  My younger sister and I spent many days performing for ourselves, our friends, on stage at various places and at church.


Dancing was another musical avenue that I followed.  I took ballet lessons, again at about age 5.  When I got older, I remember taking a class that was combo dancing, tap, ballet and jazz.  Who jazz dances anymore?

Music has always been in my life.  I’ve turned to music for entertainment, an attitude adjustment, to boost my motivation, to share a point or feeling with another person and I also turn to music to praise God.  The best thing to do musically, I believe.

I created this Musical To Gozy for that special little model that is in this post.  She loves ballet and music!  Isn’t she a doll?!  This is on my list of To Gozies to make for myself also.  Why don’t you add this to your collection?


Right now, until the end of March, if you order anything that totals $10 or more from Klucky Kitty Creations you can receive a free To Gozy!  All of my To Gozies are $5 each.


These make perfect gifts for anyone!

If you’d like to place an order, please go here, to my Facebook page, and send me a message.  I welcome custom orders, so don’t be afraid to ask!


To-Gozies Sale

DSC_0015eMarch, the month of Spring showers, Daffodils, baby animals and the budding of leaves on the trees.

On days like these, where the sun may be shining, but you don’t really feel the heat, I can be seen with a cup of coffee in my hand regularly.  Ordering lattes from the roadside stands are one of my favorite things to do to enjoy, well, just about anything really!

I got so tired of using those cardboard brown cozies for my coffees though.  I like color, design and variety.  I started making my own cozies for my lattes.  I probably have made myself enough cozies by now to cover me through a whole week, without repeating a design.

I have a red, white and blue one for the 4th of July.  There’s Spring Chick and Bunny for Spring time and Easter.  Thanksgiving dons a turkey, St. Patrick’s day a leprechaun hat, one with a heart for Valentine’s Day and even a rainbow one for whenever I want to use it.   I know I have more, but they are escaping my memory right now.

To Gozies are great for more than just lattes and mochas!  They will fit on many different bottles and cups that you may  have.  Another use they are great for is to use them to keep your hands from getting too cold when carrying/holding a cool drink.  Maybe you’d even like to keep the temperature hot or cold as long as you can, and To Gozies are great for insulation!

These can be made for any size and most cups.  I have even made one before to fit a toddler sippy cup!  Kids love these too!  It’s a great way to identify their drink as well as personal taste because they were made especially for them.

To Gozies are perfect to add to any grab bag for a birthday party, also!  If that is something that you are interested in, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss special prices for a birthday discount.

And don’t forget Mugzies or Teazies!  122Mugzies fit nicely around your coffee mug and close with a button.  I have started to add these to my collection, so that I can have more than one to use during the week.  Did I mention that I like variety?!

I do not have a photo of a Teazy yet, because time has not allowed me to make one, nor has a customer ordered one yet.  I’m sure that you can use your imagination here though.  Imagine a cozy for your tea pot.  It’s that simple!

Each To Gozy and Mugzy are $5 each.  Right now, until the end of March, if you order anything that totals $10 or more from Klucky Kitty Creations you can receive a free To Gozy!

These make perfect gifts for anyone!

If you’d like to place an order, please go here, to my Facebook page, and send me a message.  I welcome custom orders, so don’t be afraid to ask!  Yesterday, a winner for one of my contests that won a free To Gozy asked if I could do the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland for her and I am going to give it a shot!

Please note:  Character and licensed images can only be used if the item is a free or donated item because of legal issues.

If you have a character that you’d like made into a To Gozy or Mugzy, you may want to consider this.  I am also sending them out free for anyone who donates to the organization that I volunteer for.  For every $10 that you donate to 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control (1MMAGC) in Washington state in March, you will receive a free To Gozy of your choice.  If this is something that you are interested in helping with, click this link here and head over to my GoFundMe account.  Be sure to use your information when you donate so I can easily find you, don’t donate anonymously.  Then head over to my Facebook page and comment that you donated, with the To Gozy that you would like.  If you’d like more information on 1MMAGC, you can check out our facebook page here.  You will be donating to the Washington State team, which is the state that I am State Leader for.  The proceeds will go towards materials and things that we need here in Washington to fight to keep our 2nd Amendment rights.

Let’s welcome Spring and the Daffodils with a little festive party of our own with our decorated lattes and coffees!


Everything You Do Right Day

00000000y35Yesterday we endured Everything You Think is Wrong Day.  Today we get to make up for how miserable we made ourselves feel yesterday!  Everything You Do Right Day is apparently a day to enjoy and appreciate the good things that happen in life.  You have good days, you have bad days.  Today the focus is the good days!

Take a moment today to make everything right for someone else also!  Think about taking the kids our for ice cream, treating your spouse to a coffee date, bringing soup to your friend who is not feeling well or maybe even weed your neighbor’s garden.  It doesn’t have to be all about you!


Order anything from Klucky Kitty Creations that totals $10 or more for the rest of the month of March and receive a free To Gozy!  The pirate one above is one of my favorites!  Head on over to my Facebook page here and browse around.  If you don’t see something that you’d like to, feel free to ask me!  I welcome custom orders!


Buzzard’s Day and Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

20110212_3Buzzard’s Day….wow.  Never thought I’d hear about a holiday for buzzards.  But apparently there is one, and it’s today!  This seems to be the time that Turkey Buzzards return to Buzzard Roost in Hinckley, Ohio.

If this is a holiday that interests you and you’d like to know more about it, please go to the links below:



The other holiday for today is not very appealing either.20110212_10  Everything You Think Is Wrong Day is a day that just sounds like a depressing day to me.  In searching on the internet for an explanation of what to do on this day, I found a few different ones and they all were different.

However you decide to look at this day, don’t get too gloomy about it.  Tomorrow is a brand new day and is also Everything You Do Right Day.

I say, instead of focusing on a negative holiday, and a holiday that celebrates birds that are so awful looking, let’s focus on something that makes us feel good and looks great!

You can find many things on my Facebook page by clicking here.  If you don’t see something that you’d like, please ask me about it!  I love custom orders!

Don’t forget!  All through the rest of March, when you place an order over $10, you will get a free To Gozy!


Take Me Out to the Ball Game!


Who doesn’t love a good baseball game?  I mean, this is America, right?!

This baseball season, come prepared to keep your drink warm and your hand from being burned.  Or, be ready to keep your drink cool and your hand from freezing.  However you like your drinks, hot or cold, you’ll need you own Klucky Kitty Baseball To Gozy.

Imagine yourself, sitting on the bench at your son’s baseball game.  The other moms not only eying your Venti mocha, but also your To Gozy.  It’s not one of those plain brown coffee sleeves.  This brings a little of your personality to your drink.

Don’t forget, if you order anything from Klucky Kitty Creations for the rest of this month that totals over $10, you will receive a FREE To Gozy with your order!  You can choose what type you’d like!  Keep that in mind!  😉

You can visit my Facebook page by clicking here, and easily send me a message or leave me a comment for your order!  It’s very easy!  While you’re there, check out some of my other products!  Don’t see something that you’d like?  Custom orders are my specialty, so don’t be afraid to ask!


St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is once again upon us!  It’s time to find our green items to wear so we don’t get our fleshy selves pinched!  Or, even finding the perfect shade of lipstick to decorate our fellow Irish cheeks when we brush our lips against them for that special kiss!

One of the popular legends of this holiday is that St. Patrick had banished all of those creepy crawly snakes from Ireland.  It’s tradition to drink green beer and eat corned hash with cabbage.

The 3-leaf clover that is associated with St. Patrick’s Day is borne out of the belief that St. Patrick used that as a symbol of the Holy Trinity, which is made up of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

If you are looking for a nice little eye-catching decoration to add flair to your outfit, without being overwhelmed by the green, why don’t you place an order today for a Klucky Kitty Original Button Buddy!  My 3-Leaf Clover Button Buddy is only about 1″, equipped with a button on the back, so it readily pops into a button hole, or even between the stitches of your crocheted or knitted hats, cozies, purses or sweaters!

If you order this quickly, I can get them sent out to you by St. Patrick’s Day!  They are only $5 each!

Plus, if you order anything from Klucky Kitty Creations for the rest of this month that totals over $10, you will receive a FREE To Gozy with your order!  You can choose what type you’d like!  Maybe you’ll even want to order the Leprechaun Hat To Gozy!


However you choose to observe and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, please look to Klucky Kitty Creations for your decorating needs!  You can visit my Facebook page by clicking here, and easily send me a message or leave me a comment for your order!  It’s very easy!  While you’re there, check out some of my other products!  Don’t see something that you’d like?  Custom orders are my specialty, so don’t be afraid to ask!


Klucky Kitty Baby Products

These are baby products that I have made AND gotten professional/semi-professional photos for.

Babies are definitely one of the funnest to crochet for.

Any of these items you see are for sale.  I also gladly take custom orders.


Christmas Elves

045Even though my kids are a little older, I wanted to try an elf on the shelf.  It looks like fun!  I see moms posting photos of the mischief that their elves have caused in their house all of the time during the holidays now.  I want to join in on the fun!

I think it’s crazy to spend the amount of money that they want for a store bought Elf on the Shelf.  So I checked out crocheting one of my own.  I had difficulties and put the projects away for a couple of weeks.  Upon bringing them back out, I figured out that pesky pattern.

So here they are!  Our elves on the shelf!  I introduce to you Annie and Buddy Elf!  They appeared this morning on the elk antlers that are hanging in our living room with a candy cane for each of the kids.  I can’t wait to see what naughtiness and surprises they bring for us this year!

046editOf course, these will be available for sale in my Storenvy shop.  The bad news is that I don’t have the time to get any done for Christmas this year.  But definitely cheaper than the store bought one.  And you can personalize one to be custom made the way that you want!  That was the nice thing about this crochet project.  I got to choose what the elves looked like.

If you know anyone that is interested in buying some of these for a much better price than store bought, send them my way.  Just let them know they will have to make their appearance next year.

I do believe that you can buy 2 of my elves, for about the price of a store bought one.  I’m not totally sure on that though.  And mine won’t come with the book.  Maybe a short story….



Sale Now LIVE!!!

Small Business Saturday 2013 2

Click on the photo above to be taken directly to  my Small Business Saturday Sale!!

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